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Personal Classifieds

  • Your ad will be published in the LWB the following Tuesday (depending on availability).
  • 1 FREE ad / person / week.
  • To guarantee inclusion, a $9.50 fee can be paid.
  • Only for private advertisers. No businesses!
  • Multi-week discounts apply
  • Ads must be submitted online before 11:59pm on Sunday.
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Professional Classifieds

  • No Job / Recruitment Ads! Click here for job ads.
  • Starts at $17.50 for 60 words. This will be displayed as a regular line ad in the body of the following weeks LWB publication.
  • Multi-week discounts apply
  • Must be submitted online before 11:59pm on Sunday.
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An efficient and very inexpensive way to get your business message out to potential new customers. Take the first step to your successful business advertising by place your classified ad today.


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Ads must be submitted online by 11:59pm on Sunday to appear in the following weeks issue.


Maximum of 60 words. Do not forget to leave your contact details in the advert. 

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