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No Job / Recruitment Ads!

  • Starts at $17.50 for 60 words. This will be displayed as a regular line ad in the body of the following weeks LWB publication.
  • Multi-week discounts apply
  • Must be submitted online before 11:59pm on Sunday.


Your Professional Classified Advert is placed in the LWB based on the following:

  • The advert is not a job or recruitment advert. 
  • The advert is no more than 250 characters (approx 60 words), including contact details
  • Your advert is submitted online before the Sunday evening deadline. 



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Pay by credit card

Payments are processed securely using Windcave. Windcave uses a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. When Windcave transmits sensitive information (such as a credit card numbers), Windcave protects it through the use of encryption. Credit card details stored onsite by DPS are encrypted using 168bit 3DES encryption.

Lakes Weekly Bulletin does not see, nor retain, your credit card details. No sensitive financial data is captured by LWB during transactions.

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