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Application for Credit

This Agreement Made: 20 June 2024

and Global Publications Limited T/A Lakes Weekly Bulletin (The Supplier)


B. The Supplier has agreed to consider the application for the Customer and to advise the customer as to whether or not credit will be extended to the Customer

A. The Customer desires to establish a credit trading account with the Supplier and pursuant to its desire to establish a credit trading account has submitted to the Supplier the information and financial particulars as set out in the schedule.

C. The parties agree that in the event of the Supplier granting to the Customer credit facilities then such credit facilities shall be on the Terms and Conditions below

Terms and Conditions of Trading

A. Payment for all goods and services delivered or received is due by the 20th day of the month following invoice date.

B. In the event of payment not being made by such date interest may be charged on the balance at a rate fixed by The Supplier, with a maximum rate of 2% per month. The Supplier shall be entitled to cancel any deliveries of goods and services due under this or stop work on any work in progress.

C. The Customer acknowledges that failure to pay on or by the due date for the purchase of goods and services will constitute a default and the Supplier will be free to immediately exercise any or all its remedies in respect of such default.

D. Unless otherwise contracted, in all cases the liability of the Supplier is strictly limited to replacing any goods or services proved to be defective or crediting the Customer with an amount not exceeding the price charged for the defective goods or services. Defective goods and services are defined as not meeting the standard of the proof signed off by the customer. If the Customer does not sign off a proof by the stipulated deadline, it will be deemed that the Customer has accepted the proof. If there is any dispute whether work is of the quality of the proof, the supplier and customer may apply for an independent printing professional to mediate. The Customer must notify the Supplier within 3 working days of delivery of any goods or services that may be deemed to be defective, otherwise it is assumed that the Customer is satisfied with the goods and services and the Supplier will refuse to accept back for re-crediting goods and services claimed to be defective.

E. The Supplier agrees not to give out any information supplied by the Customer to any other party unless by prior agreement with the Customer. All information remains confidential to the Suppliers staff and the Customer. The only exception will be the initial reference check for acceptance of the credit application. The Customer agrees to the Suppliers investigation for the Customers credit worthiness.

F. The Customer accepts the terms and conditions of sale above and agrees to be bound by these.


To: Global Publications Limited T/A Lakes Weekly Bulletin

(Must be a proprietor, Manager, Director or Financial Controller/Accountant)

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