Outlet Podcast: Traversing the Trails of Queenstown with Queenstown Trails Trust’s Ceo Mark Williams

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Posted 28 May, 2024
Mark Williams 1

Queenstown, known for its stunning landscapes and adventure sports, is home to an expansive network of trails that offer both recreation and a chance to connect with nature.


The Queenstown Trails Trust, under the guidance of Mark Williams, plays a crucial role in this synergy between community engagement, environmental stewardship, and outdoor adventure.

Mark Williams of the Queenstown Trails Trust recently discussed on The Outlet podcast the Trust's latest projects and the community's role in the ever-evolving trail network. Williams highlighted the Trust's broadened scope to create an integrated network, catering to everyone from leisurely hikers to extreme mountain bikers. The episode delves into the intricacies of trail conservation, the significance of community involvement, and the Trust's fundraising efforts.


Fundraising plays a vital role in the Trust's ability to maintain and expand these trails. The recent campaign for the sponsorship of planks for the new Kawarau Bridge at Tucker Beach is an innovative way to engage the community and address funding shortfalls. The campaign's success is a testament to the community's support and the trails' significance to Queenstown's residents and visitors alike.

The Trust's mission is to enhance environmental, social, and economic benefits through a series of walking and cycling trails. These trails are not merely paths for recreation; they're catalysts for conservation and community wellbeing.

Williams shared the excitement surrounding new trail developments, like the Wharehuanui Trail connecting Arthur's Point to Arrowtown, and the anticipated extension leading down the Shotover Gorge. These developments exemplify the Trust's dedication to delivering community-focused projects and the impressive scope of their management, which includes over 200 kilometers of trails.

The diversity of the trails in Queenstown is a point of pride for the Trust. From gravel trails for casual strolls to the more thrilling Coronet Loop trail for seasoned bikers, there's something for every outdoor enthusiast. These trails serve as a gateway to experiencing the natural beauty of Queenstown, from serene vineyards to rugged backcountry terrain.

Moreover, the Trust's environmental efforts are highlighted through partnerships with conservation groups, which utilize the trails for initiatives like reforestation and predator control. These collaborative projects not only enhance the recreational experience but also contribute to the preservation and restoration of local ecosystems.

This podcast episode underscores the essential role that the community plays in the success of the Queenstown Trails Trust.

Community involvement extends beyond enjoying the trails; it includes active participation in conservation efforts and support for the Trust's initiatives. Williams emphasized that the trails are a reflection of the community's values, promoting health, enjoyment of the natural environment, and a shared commitment to preserving Queenstown's beauty.

The Queenstown Trails Trust's work is a compelling story of how recreational infrastructure can harmoniously coexist with conservation efforts. The episode serves as an invitation to listeners to partake in these endeavors, ensuring the sustainability of Queenstown's trails for future generations.


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