Gen-Z tech whizzes imparting free knowledge to seniors

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Posted 12 March, 2024

From left, Josh, Nikau and George ready to impart their tech knowledge to over 60s

Three Gen-Z teenage digital natives with a passion to enlighten the older generation on all things tech are launching a series of free weekly workshops for the tech-illiterate at Frankton from March 13.

The Year 10 students at Liger Leadership Academy in Five Mile came up with the initiative and designed four themed sessions themselves after researching the sorts of tech issues that 60s and over struggle with.

Nikau Farrell, Josh Clamp and George Espie, aged 14 and 15, say they found a huge need among older people who haven’t grown up around computers and the internet for information and guidance on how to keep safe from scammers. They’ll be teaching everything from how to simply turn on a cellphone through to using 3D printer software and downloading useful apps.

“We really wanted to make a positive impact on the community and offer our tech experience to help educate older people on how to use their device and keep safe on the internet,” Josh says.

Project manager Christian Belmont says internet scammers always focus on those who aren’t really aware of the risks so older generations are a target. “The brains of these students were trained and computer literate from a young age. Digital nativity has been instilled into their psyche so they’re keen to pass that on to older people to help them keep safe,” he says.

They’ll be teaching people how to identify what’s safe and what’s not as well as the basics of their device. “Ten years ago, people got emails saying the Nigerian prince wanted them to bail him out. Now they get 10 emails a day saying their bank transfer has gone through,” he says. “Scammers are so much more sophisticated. They’ve evolved but not the users with them.”

A staggering $NZ2.05 billion was lost to scammers in New Zealand alone last year, Nikau says. “That’s how many people were preyed upon.”

“We’ll cover everything from how to use your device and essential apps to setting up Google accounts and accessibility settings,” George says.

Connecting with the grandchildren on social media will also become much easier.

The students have room to help more than 100 people at once so they’re hoping that they get inundated with the first week offering a lecture on all things tech followed by one-on-one help sessions. These will run every Wednesday at Liger Academy upstairs above Boliwood Restaurant in Five Mile Shopping Centre.

Their senior ‘students’ will each be awarded a certificate at the end of the course to show they’ve hit the mark.

Just turn up:
Where: Liger Academy, Five Mile Shopping Centre
When: March 13, March 20, March 27 and April 3, 4.30pm - 5.30pm


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