CBD by Miranda Spary

2 minutes read
Posted 2 April, 2024

Even though it was SO cold on Saturday morning, a decent crowd turned up at 9am to see the parade of beautiful old classic cars rolling down Buckingham Street on their way to Naseby and Gore. It must be weird driving a vehicle that doesn’t already know more than you do about exactly where you are, how much fuel you have left and doesn’t tell you when a hazard is approaching. AND doesn’t have connectivity with your phone - kooky! Imagine how crazy people would think you were if you told them 20 years ago how intelligent your new car would be.

We drove our perfectly boring modern car up to Glenorchy last night to celebrate our English friend Maurice Lawson’s birthday - huge happy 72nd, dear Maurice (he tells me that two years ago I wished him a happy 75th which he was NOT very happy about!). We ate at the Headwaters Restaurant at Camp Glenorchy with Pete Gawron as chef - he started up Saffron in Arrowtown well over 20 years ago. It’s been very busy at Glenorchy all summer and he’s about to have a much needed holiday. It’s always a set menu at Headwaters and you’re allowed to have allergies and what my old boss at a London prep school called “eating disorders, e.g. vegetarianism.” Both times we have been able to get a booking there, the meal has been absolutely sensational AND wine nuts are always excited to be allowed to take their own wine.

Glenorchy has a completely different climate from the rest of the Wakatipu - the wind howled all night there and I dreaded seeing how many branches had fallen at our place, but not a twig out of place here. If you haven’t driven up the Glenorchy road lately, it really is SO spectacular and there are plenty of easy walks just off the road. The locals are very nervous about the QLDC’s recent gung ho attitude to new developments so might be a good idea to see it in case there suddenly isn’t all that beautiful nature to admire.

Even though we haven’t had a proper frost yet, there’s a lot of signs that autumn is coming. My asparagus plants are colossal this year and covered in red seeds - I’ve discovered that rabbits hate asparagus, so I’m letting all the seeds turn into more asparagus crowns. Maybe a rabbit and asparagus pie would be a great combo? I know it’s nasty to think mean thoughts about bunnies, but they really do drive me nuts. We always have an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday and there have been many littlies who have popped a little rabbit poop in their mouths instead of a chocolate. I’m sure it’s very nutritious but I don’t want to try one myself. Happy Easter to you all and here’s hoping for some much needed rain, but only while we are asleep.


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