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Drunk Oldies

This weekend demonstrates one of the most irritating things about living in a ‘destination’. The Gibbston Valley Winery summer concert attracts visitors from across New Zealand and though the concert itself is very well managed, it’s the chaos before and afterwards which really grinds my gears.

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  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    Wow. We finally agree on something.

    Posted 22/01/2018 12:05pm (7 hours ago)

  • fabien delavie

    I just want to say " YES " to that ! yesterday, in Arrowtown, a guy with a white beard, probably in his 50's, was so drunk that he couldn' t stand up ! at 4 pm ! waiting for the bus, he made a sign fall on the floor, almost falling himself and then decided to sit on the old cart, with the sign " please don' t sit on me, i' mold", outside of the museum. I told him not to sit there, and after repeating 3 times, he finally stood up.. For less than a minute.. He sat back again and he gave up after asking one more time, as the only outcome would be a big argument with someone wasted, maybe even violent.. Sad, but of course they won' t take any advice from someone maybe younger than their children ! even if i' m over 30

    Posted 22/01/2018 2:46pm (4 hours ago)

  • Free Me

    As the LWB as a publication is somewhat skewered towards the younger market, thats perhaps why it excuses despicable ongoing drunkenness and obnoxious behaviour by younger people as simply hijinks or the result of lack of provision of facilities by the council and oversight by the police.
    Apart from finally being able to get a one off low shot into the older generation,many of whom are the glue that holds this town together.You should perhaps better serve the community you now call home by highlighing the real problems that blight the area like Freedom camping, CBD parking and lack of reasonable priceed housing and the councillers who are strangely quite about all this.Or is that all a bit to close to home?

    Posted 22/01/2018 3:10pm (4 hours ago)

  • Craig

    Spot on

    Posted 22/01/2018 6:10pm (42 mins ago)