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Queenstown Culture

“Culture” - it’s a word that means different things to different people, and sometimes more than one thing all at once.

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  • Rockin Rod

    Over the years I have been to quite a few of these jazz sessions, together with others, and personally I find them extremely boring after about half an hour. They are about as "cultural" as watching a knitting demonstration.

    Posted 16/10/2017 2:15pm (7 days ago)

  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    As a community, we must ensure that only some cultural events are recognized such as Jazz fest which big businesses within Queenstown benefit from, Other events or traditions such as "Crate Day" must be squashed and driven out our landscape as the sight of some 20-30' year olds enjoying themselves by playing games, live music and celebrating the sunshine is not the "Right" way to relish culture here because, culture is a word that only defines those that benefit from it financially.

    The culture behind the various international members of extended community who build our houses, drive our trucks or serve our drinks are not the "right" kind of people to show to our international visitors. They're just the shit on the shovel of Queenstown stoking the tourism steamship.

    TL;DR - Jazz fest is and has been shit for the past five years but because old mates crawl out of sleepy Arrowtown to listen to a bunch of "plinkty plonks" at Sky City it must be "embraced" and developed while those that live here, work here and embrace their point in Queenstown's history of community spirit should be shunned, shamed and banned because there wasn't enough bins put out.


    Posted 16/10/2017 3:49pm (7 days ago)

  • Smash Place

    I see some synergy between Jazz and the QLDC.Both play with out a predetermined regular pattern or beat and free style their way through any given number and you don't really know who will join in or how things will end up.. Some say rather cruelly Jazz musicians chose this form of music because they can't read music or real play that well.While this may not be true of most Jazz musicians, I am sure you can't say that of some of the players from and on our local council

    Posted 18/10/2017 5:34pm (5 days ago)

  • AJ

    Hey if jazz isn't your thing then fair enough - consider this a challenge to you to develop your own cultural contribution to our community :-)

    But you're dreaming if you think JazzFest is corporate: It's run by folks who are unpaid enthusiasts, and because we can offer a nice weekend in Queenstown, we're getting performers at a fraction of their commercial rate - you might even say "for a song" :-)

    And MindJam is the same: No one involved is getting paid a cent, we're doing it because it's cool

    Posted 18/10/2017 7:08pm (5 days ago)