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Be Proud Queenstown

It was with great trepidation that we asked local businesses to tell us how they were traveling in a recent JobFix Survey. Local business is what drives our town. How the local business community feels affects us all. At the time the survey was due to be conducted, Auckland had just been locked back down unexpectedly, severely impacting local business. If the results were ugly, we were all looking at a tough few months.

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  • Reality Pie

    It would be interesting to know what portion of the population your editorial is aimed at. Who can afford to go shopping for wants and not needs?? But of course many can...but I suspect most can't. BE PROUDER....don't buckle to the wants of consumerism and buy and support yourselves and families with necessities. Who cares if that local business fails, this boat is big enough for them too. We don't need to be rescued by consumerism.

    Posted 16/09/2020 1:54pm (3 days ago)

  • AllenGok

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    Posted 19/09/2020 7:10pm (6 hours ago)