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One hundred and fifty-one million bucks for an upgrade!!

One hundred and fifty-one million bucks. Did I read that right? $151 million?

Queenstown’s council is considering spending $7.55m a year for the next 20 years to upgrade Queenstown Events Centre. Hopefully some of that will be offset by Central Government shovel-ready funding and the initial commitment would be $69m over 10 years, but jeez, that is a lot of money for an upgrade, isn’t it? Wanaka won’t miss out either. The new Wanaka Recreation Centre is inline for $72m of upgrades over the next two decades.

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  • Over the hills and far away.

    Surely due to financial effects of Covid on ratepayers and that there will be a levelling of new residents of visitors,it beggars belief that the council is proposing to place this burden on us.
    The only explantion I can suggest is that this is all part of the councils ponzi scheme to enable its managment team and consultant mates to continue in well paid employment and provide further opportunities for the big end of town to enrich themselfs, while as usual the mum and dad ratepayers will be left to pick up the tab.

    Posted 03/08/2020 5:57pm (7 hours ago)