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Less Growth please!!

We are repeatedly told that, as a high growth council, we must plan for and facilitate even more growth. Central Government has set a series of measures that Council has to report against to show it is doing its bit, with the threat often expressed that if it doesn’t deliver then Government will step in and do it for us.

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  • Mum & Dad Ratepayers First.

    You would think that the current council and Mayor were elected to solely represent those property owners located within the wider CBD , Its amazing how they want to spend millions of Mum and Dad ratepayers funds on improving parking and facilities including building themselves a monolith on one of the busiest and congested streets in the area.Yet these same people continually approve consents for new hotel and apartments buildings with little or no off street parking ,thus allowing for the further strain on the areas already deficient infrastructure, Perhaps the answers on why can be found in the minutes of the closed door public excluded meetings and back door land swaps,wheeling and dealing , that this council decision making has revolved around.
    Hopefully John when you are elected you will put a stop to this nonsense and name and shame those involved.

    Posted 20/08/2019 10:38am (2 days ago)