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It’s time we incarcerated all the cats.

It’s time we incarcerated all the cats.

To stave off some of the hatred of the cat-loving internet community, let it first be known that I do like cats. They’re cute, generally companionable and fun to have around. But they’re also killers.

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  • Give a Little,Take a lot

    Sounds that Cats are like Freedom Campers in that they too are given the unbridled freedom to sleep, defecate and litter with unbridled abandon and are generally a non noncontributing nuisance.

    Posted 26/04/2017 10:55am (4 days ago)

  • Daniel

    I've got a tree right outside my bedroom window and hate the non-stop chirping of birds from before dawn every morning. I would personally welcome cats around my place to keep them away. I suggest you go and join Gareth Morgans Opportunities party and put all your kiwisaver funds in the Kiwibank fund (which Kiwibank changed from the Gareth Morgan fund to the Kiwibank fund because so many found his ideas as idiotic as yours and the bank was losing thousands of customers). That way you can both sit around all day and hate cats together. Good on ya. I hate birds chirping but you don't hear me bleating on about it - I live with them so maybe you should put up with cats Bethany, not everyone shares your love of flying rats.

    Posted 27/04/2017 3:03pm (3 days ago)

  • Bethany G. Rogers

    Daniel - The birds were here first. Top tip - if you don't like birds, move to a country where every single native species ISN'T a bird or bat.

    Posted 28/04/2017 11:37am (2 days ago)


    Why is it that some people justify their opinion by saying "they were here first" what if they were here first...rats were in NZ prior to cats being here, so are we also saying that cats shouldnt kill the rats?

    Posted 28/04/2017 9:58pm (2 days ago)

  • Daniel

    You missed my point Bethany - I said I can live with birds but you don't hear me bleating on that I hate their chirping. Speaking of Top Tips - If you're argument is simply that "they were here first" I suggest you follow your own philosophy and go back to Newcastle or wherever Geordies come from so you can moan away to your hearts content with your fellow countrymen. And take Gareth Morgan with you.

    Posted 29/04/2017 11:30am (1 day ago)

  • Daniel

    I've just read your opinion piece again Bethany. It's all very good quoting "experts" and "animal behaviourists" but could you provide some facts to back up your far-fetched claims. Exactly which six species of birds and 70 sub-species have cats been responsible for hunting to extinction and what evidence is there that cats were responsible? Which areas of Australia exactly do cats face curfews and be kept on the owners property 24 hours a day? What happens to cat owners if they tell their cats to be home by 9pm and they are still out at 10?

    Posted 29/04/2017 11:52am (1 day ago)