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Fire, Music and Hope

On January 1st, 2020 Queenstown woke up to a whole new world. While the dusty remnants of the last decade lingered, it was a blanket of smoke that confronted our new year. In that moment Queenstown woke up to the reality of the disaster that was unfolding an ocean away. The Australian bush fires, for many, finally hit home.

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  • Jimmynoshoes

    ...pathetic. Grow some and go directly to those who caused this for compensation. The fossil fuels companies who lied for decades to the public about climate change. First we pay by losing species and biodiversity, breathing in the dead animals and ancient forests. Then you get together sing a couple of songs and get the public to 'open their wallets' to donate and hence pay twice for the damage. You think you're helping? You're delaying what needs to done.

    Save your meaningless hope.

    Posted 22/01/2020 12:22am (5 days ago)