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You see me rolling, without insurance.

July 9 2019

I’ve had an spotless record. Hand on heart, I’ve never had a crash! I’ve never crashed into anybody! But yet I still pay for insurance, just in case I dent a BMW.

3rd party insurance would help cover that cost for the victim’s vehicle and the damage to mine will need to come out of my own pocket, capeesh. 

So it really peeves me off when someone (who’s probably crashed into many bumpers) hits mine and does a runner - leaving me with the cost!!

I shouldn’t have to up my insurance premium to cover lowlife hit’n’runs!

It was just outside of Frank’s, we walked to the car to find a HUGE white scrape on the bumper. No note, no CCTV camera in the carpark, no witnesses. Nothing.

Just unnecessary financial drain inflicted on me. We had a friend who fell victim to a hit’n’run except their vehicle actually was a BMW. They had CCTV footage! They never found the person responsible. There’s too many stories like this. So, this is a message to all those people who hit’n’run. You sad sorry sacks. Pucker up, own up to your mistake and GODSAKES get insurance because others could fall victim to your sucky driving!

Happy and grateful migrant

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  • Your Name Here

    Wanna bet it was either a rental or a shitbox driven by tourists?
    And that’s not even just a peeve it really pisses me off: why do tourists have the right to drive around when they barely know how to reverse and they still have a clean slate to leave the country even if they left someone injured at the hospital or worse, in a graveyard?
    We should have tougher laws something like:
    -if there’s financial damage, pay up before leaving the country;
    -someone in the hospital, pay their bills if you want to leave the country;
    -killed someone in an accident? Well tell your family you’ll stay in jail till a judge says you can leave the country (and pay the bills!).

    But rental companies might have been lining up the right pockets as their customers are always clean as a whistle no matter what tragedy they’re involved in...

    BTW: it’s capisce , a Italian word and not ‘capeesh’... don’t use words you don’t know...
    Now THAT’S a peeve...

    Posted 10/07/2019 11:00am (11 months ago)