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Wrong Side Parking

October 29 2018

I see many cars parking the wrong side of road these days and parking on the yellow lines. I don’t know about other countries rules but here is NZ it’s illegal.

Why can’t they be bothered to turn around and park on the right side of the road/street? Are they super lazy or just simply an idiot? If you don’t know the traffic act in NZ you shouldn’t drive or rent a car.

Please respect our country, don’t bring your country’s rule or habit especially holiday-makers.

That’s All

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  • Rat Trap

    Actually, the majority of bad drivers that I see around the CBD on a daily basis are the so-called local professional drivers. Including the twat who on Friday thought it oaky to reverse over the footpath nearly taking a few pedestrians. When challenged, all he could retort with were a few choice swear words and that he was a professional driver.

    Posted 29/10/2018 4:57pm (9 months ago)

  • Pommigrant

    And maybe Kiwis can start indicating, learn how to use a roundabout, not drive on full-beam, learn how to give way etc etc etc...

    Posted 29/10/2018 8:06pm (9 months ago)