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Wheres the quiz this week?

November 25 2019

Our work looks forward to Tuesday quiz at morning tea...

Editor note: Oh dear, first the suduko now the quiz - Double Quiz love in this weeks edition. Apologies readers.

1. What was Elton John’s first US No 1 hit?
2. Freddie Mercury died in which year?
3. What gas were British World War Two barrage balloons filled with?
4. What is the most common food allergy?
5. Which company, now one of the world’s most valuable, was founded on April 4, 1975?
6. What is the official nick name of Texas?
7. Name 3 novels of Shakespeare
8. How many states are there in the United States of America?


ANSWERS: 1. Crocodile Rock | 2. 1991 | 3. Hydrogen | 4. Nuts | 5. Microsoft | 6. The Lonestar State |
7. Hamlet, the Merchant of Venice and Taming of the Shrew | 8. 50

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