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Where are the multi-millionaires?

August 12 2019

The article on (Growing Queenstown population should be able to pay for infrastructure – 30.07.19), just goes to show how out-of-touch developers and big time hotel operators in Queenstown are! Whether you like or love the Visitor Levy idea, it’s simply not true that Queenstowners are multi-millionaires and can afford to pay ever-higher rates to cover the cost of tourists.
Yes, the tourist dollar rules Queenstown, but that doesn’t mean everyone who lives here sees their fair share... if big hotel owners don’t want tourists to pay extra, they need to come up with more creative solutions to our infrastructure and environmental problems than pinning it all on the small local population.

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  • Daniel

    Yes these same hotel/motel owners and managers who were behind the anti-visitor levy propoganda are the same people who are paying minimum wage to 75% of their staff and often giving them less than 20 hours work per week - then they have the audacity to claim everyone in town is super rich.
    They really should just stop whinging and pass on the visitor levy to the hotel guests (yet these same idiot hotel managers still claim it's the hotels paying the levy but it's the guests who will pay) so that all the local rates come down. Less rates = less rent = more money in staff pockets= staff who can afford to live in Queenstown on minimum wage.

    Posted 12/08/2019 1:55pm (10 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    Actually... I’m still with the opinion that tourists are already spending a lot in town so taxes should be raised to hotels/motels/hostels in percentages according to their profits.
    Sure eventually it might fall back to whoever is booking a room but at least it won’t feel like they are paying extra just to stay in Queenstown. Plus they will still have a choice to book something cheaper - which with the levy it seems to me there’s no choice on their end.

    Posted 13/08/2019 6:33am (10 months ago)