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When Is A Room For Rent As A Bedroom, Not A Bedroom?

November 12 2018

When it doesn’t meet NZ standards as a bedroom. While catching up on local events, items and generally having a read of the latest LWB, a couple of us saw an item that caused concern and created a general stir of discontent.

The item of concern is noticeable for those of us with experience of Kiwi tenancies and renting. But with rental pressure and travellers hoping to call a place home for abit, it would perhaps go unnoticed by a general reader, and unreported by tenants on the hunt for a place to sleep.

It’s this advert which appeared in LWB (the original ad included address and phone number): Singles only room available. 5min walk to fresh choice, garden, house cleaner, unlimited fast WIFI, tv in room, no window, 3 months minimum.

If correct, this is a individual who is blatantly flouting NZ’s regulations for a habitable room that it disappoints us as residents in the Wakatipu... Come off it! No window, really? That’s not ok. I hope it has a skylight... No? At the very least, if ya going to provide a tenancy and collect an income from people in our community, who have chosen your place as a home, please step it up and provide a suitable standard to live in. I’m a landlord myself and it’s not that hard to provide a habitable room let alone a nice home for someone. When is a room for rent, not really a bedroom? When it’s not habitable, at all!

To spell it out nice and simple to this individual advertising for his business. (Yes, tho he didn’t include his business or his own name the details did match a local “company” (which has been renting homes then subleting out the bedrooms). New Zealand does have laws and regulations.

The Residential Tenancy Act 1986, along with the Housing Improvement Regulations 194. Both are super simple to find and understand. (1). Every habitable room shall be provided with 1 or more windows so situated in an external wall or external walls that adequate light is admitted. (2). The aggregate area of the glass of the windows of each habitable room shall be not less than a one-tenth part of the area of the floor of the room. (3). The windows of each habitable room shall be so constructed that windows with an area amounting to not less than one-twentieth part of the area of the floor of the room can be opened for the admission of air.

Summed up, every habitable room must have windows or another way of letting in light and ventilation. Sweet, it’s pretty simple, a room without a window is a storage cupboard or such. So if this room for rent does not have the above requirements, you have been flouting the regulations. Don’t be an arse and stop collecting rent for storing human beings in the cubboards even if it’s a good size.

Or spend some money, communicate with your landlord, one of you seek correct building consents, then nab a builder to pop a window in, cheers

Local Resident

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  • Your Name Here

    Welcome to Queenstown!
    I’ve been here for over 4 years and is always the same: you don’t want it because you know it’s not habitable at all? Why bother complaining, leave it for those who won’t complain - either for ignorance or for the lack of other options.
    And forget about the authorities - this is the Wild West over here and the authorities are nowhere to be found!

    Posted 14/11/2018 4:16pm (8 months ago)

  • Local resident

    No actually it's not that I don't want the room. I have no need for it, but others DO, and out of respect and legal obligations this business should step up. As they Are some one making commercial gain from these properties, we are just calling them out to do the decent thing and upgrade this room so it is in accordance with the living standards as established in New Zealans laws and regulations. Its not for the lack of options this business should be compliant if providing a room for rent. We were just calling them out, that we don't agree with their methods of conduct as a part of the community.

    Posted 14/11/2018 6:11pm (8 months ago)


    The owners of these properties should be "named and shamed". They are capitalist scum. No wonder the socialists are taking over this country.

    Posted 16/11/2018 4:29pm (8 months ago)