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What is going on with the planners at NZTA?

January 20 2020

On Christmas eve heading out of Queenstown there is ANOTHER smash at the interaction of the Crown Range and SH6 that led to hundreds of cars sitting waiting for emergency services to help the victims and clear the scene. On the first week back in the New Year yet another accident in the same place saw me and another hundred vehicles sitting waiting at exactly the same location. The bottom of the Crown where it connects to SH6 is a notoriously dangerous intersection but in summer holidays it can be deadly as tourists make stupid decisions of when to pull out, thinking the road is clear but not seeing the cars in their blind spot or hidden by the vehicle turning left, about to head up the hill. This notorious spot may not warrant a round about or light permanently but surely NZTA could set up temporary lights, in the period between work break up for Christmas and the kids going back to school.

Far better to do this over the holiday period than the craziness that’s unfolding at present, with what seems as if all main roads are being resealed at our regions at the same time and during the busiest period of the year. Fern Hill, Kawarau Bridge, Arthurs Point, Cardrona, Frankton Road and Arrowtown seem to all be up for resealing at the one time. The frustration has led to apologies from NZTA and involved the police at times but surely some simple foresight could see the issue coming. Would you imagine NZTA closing Auckland’s motorways at the same time and during the peak period just to do some maintenance that could be done at anytime? So why Queenstown in summer. Next year please consider resealing the roads in October or November and perhaps over summer put in some temporary sensible road safety protocols such as temporary lights in key dangerous traffic spots.

To end on a positive, the alternative road signage for getting in and out of Queenstown is a great idea.

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