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What if...

August 19 2019

A migrant got mangled working for a NZ company. So badly injured that s/he would no longer be able to work? Maybe medical assistance for the rest of hers/his life? I used to work for a cleaning company, hazardous chemicals (industrial oven cleaners) and no protective equipment was provided.
I ended up with chemical burns all over my arms and ill from the fumes but when I took a few sick days off, the manager/owner got very angry and threatened to fire me. I injured my arm working for a construction company which resulted in months of physiotherapy which wasn’t covered by ACC.
I also worked for a panel beater company, I got injured lifting something too heavy and the first thing the director/owner did was to call his buddy supervisor (he wasn’t even in sight) as a witness of the accident. When I got on ACC for a few weeks my promised promotion went straight to the bin as if it were never offered.
I want to know is what does the government do to assist if something extreme were to happen but they are not residents nor citizens?

LUV Immigration, HELP.

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    Heavily edited but I’d still like to know from a immigration lawyer/adviser: what happens if a non-citizen non-resident gets mangled working for a NZ company?
    I mean health and safety is just for show - anyone from a more ‘advanced’ country can tell you that - and as a migrant if you don’t do what you’re told (sometimes risking your health) you’re fired. So... what’s the option, what does the government do about it..?

    Posted 20/08/2019 7:47am (12 months ago)