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Whack the Whinge Away

June 24 2019

I read your publication every week and have done so for many years. It truly is an integral part of the community and I know at my work there is always a fight over who gets to read it first on a Tuesday when it is delivered. I have enjoyed seeing how it has developed over the years and am enjoying some of the new content especially the Arts & Culture section so well done. What I am not that pleased with though is the Whinge Page.

I’ve always found this quite a negative unnecessary page and generally full of b*tchiness and one sided views of very trivial matters. Maybe you could run a poll and see what your readers think. Perhaps it could be replaced by a page where people identify and acknowledge positive contributions to our community.

Mr Brightside


Thanks for your letter and happy to run a poll on this. We have in the past tried to run the balance to the Whinge Page with a page devoted to positivity and if I recall was called “The Big Clap” however we received so few contributions we had to abandon it. We view the Whinge Page as a good release valve for people who want to let off steam on any issue which could be conceived as a good community service. What you may view as trivial might be to the person concerned, the biggest issue they are facing. 

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    Yes Mr Brightside....not everything in our little paradise is quite as perfect as you may think, and we need somewhere to point out where we are going wrong.....

    Posted 25/06/2019 9:14am (11 months ago)