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Weird Deli Service

July 29 2019

Righto, I’m reaching out to see if anybody else has been dealt this weird deli service.

The other day, at popular supermarket in Frankton, I tried to get the deli to use my own containers... Actually, the same plastic container they use, just rewashed - the lady refused it - saying it’s now South Island policy to NOT ACCEPT customer containers because they’re not of food safe quality???

She starts whipping open a plastic bag. I stop her immediately.
I’m sorry to swear here, but that’s seriously F*&^%d!
How come North Island is all for this BYO container service but not the south.
Have we turned all hick and backwards now???

Self Contained and trying to do good

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  • Stefanie

    I think it is because your Container could contaminate their work benches. If that’s the case: they could use a tray there you put your container on it, they fill it up and hand the tray back to you. Job done - or would that be to easy?

    Posted 31/07/2019 6:45am (4 months ago)

  • LaLa Local

    Just take the plastic bag and enjoy! Problem solved.

    Posted 01/08/2019 11:18pm (4 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    It might be a liability.
    If your container wasn’t properly cleaned and you get food poisoning you might take it to social media or even word of mouth could be damaging to their business...
    Take their container and toss yours in the proper recycling bin. Too easy ;)

    Posted 03/08/2019 9:11am (4 months ago)