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Wasted Heat

June 11 2018

In this modern world of ours where wastage and environmental abuse is rightfully frowned upon, I am stunned to see how many shops in Queenstown have their doors wide open on the coldest of cold days.

The blast of hot air escaping is colossal and makes me immediately reflect on how many rivers have been ruined with dams or coal fired powers stations (or whatever they run on?) churn out electricity for thoughtless store owners to try to heat the whole Wakatipu Basin. Get real folks. Shut the darn door.

I cannot imagine a single customer who would not enter your store if the door was shut for the sensible retention of energy and warmth. Put a wee sign on the door saying “C’mon in; its warm in here” and be responsible. You’ll probably get more customers impressed with your attitude toward our planet.


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  • Salesman

    This week I listed my car for sale on the LWB. Sadly, the first response I had was from MTF Finance letting me know that - should any potential purchaser require finance then - they would love to help them.

    Great. I usually only get texts from my girlfriend and my mum, but I love those people so that's OK. I do not love MTF Finance, and I do not love their unsolicited textual advances.

    LWB can you do something about this ... Organise a public boo'ing of MTF? Friday afterschool at 1092 Frankton Rd or something? I'm there!

    Posted 15/06/2018 12:19pm (7 months ago)