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Warning, this whinge will only be of interest to parents

February 10 2020

As a new mum I’ve realised there is a serious lack of access to parent rooms and changing facilities in the region. To my knowledge there are no parent rooms in the area except for Remarkables Park shopping centre, which leaves me feeling like someone on the planning committee has had a brain explosion. I mean surely in this day and age that would be a logical, if not mandatory inclusion in new developments like Queenstown Central shopping centre? Looking around during the working week I can see the majority of shoppers are parents with their kids in tow. Instead since having a baby I’ve found myself awkwardly breastfeeding in the Kmart carpark. I’m also a pro at changing nappies in the boot of my car on the main street of Arrowtown. Queenstown Central shopping centre has one nappy change table in a handicap bathroom, but nowhere to feed, heat up food or a safe place to take a breath when your baby is upset and I’m yet to locate a change table in 5 Mile?! And Queenstown, I mean I struggle to locate a public toilet that I can use for myself, let alone somewhere that I would take my baby (I think we’re all happy to see back of the O’Connells toilets!). Having recently been to Melbourne I was overwhelmed at the number of easily accessible parent rooms that mums and dads could access in the city. Any other parents feeling this way? Shout out to Remarkables Park who had the good sense to put in a parents room, much appreciated!

Flustered mum.

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