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Wanaka You’re so Boeing

May 6 2019

This week QAC came out with its plan for a twin airport. One in Queenstown and one in Wanaka. Given Queenstown airport and Wanaka both require investment to grow wouldn’t it make great sense to focus ALL the investment purely on Wanaka airport? Wanaka has a larger foot print and greater potential as the regions primary and only international entry. That way Queenstown could be scaled back to a manageable size, perhaps only have smaller non jet aircraft. A Wanaka airport can service the entire region for inbound flights from Australia as well as a significant amount of domestic traffic. If Queenstown was capped or reduced, land would become available for more housing and infrastructure development and investment could also be made in The Crown Range to improve access to Queenstown. Wanaka can share the load!!

Food for thought.

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    OH YES......why dont we demolish the Queenstown airport all together, and turn it into a HUGE big housing site for hundreds of thousands of immigrants, and then the immigrants can all drive taxis and donkeys over the hill to Wanaka airport, pick up all the tourists and drive them over to Queenstown.......what a great idea.....yes, the answe to everything is build, build , build more and more housing....Im all with you there.......

    Posted 06/05/2019 8:04pm (1 year ago)

  • Concerned Existing Infrastructure Contributor

    Visitor Levy - Double Dipping???

    At present, Accommodation providers (including AirBnB) pay additional visitor accommodation rates. For our BnB, this equates to ¼ or $1000 + GST per annum approximately on top of our existing rates, or $11 per occupancy from our trending occupancy data. Our accommodation provides for 2 guests maximum per stay. The reasoning behind the additional charge was to help fund the districts infrastructure, e.g. roading, water, sewage, etc.

    Now that the proposed visitor levy of 5% is looking to become a reality, what does this mean to our current additional rates charges? Are we going to be charged twice for the same purposes? Once through the existing rating system, and secondly, through the visitor levy? Surely, this is considered double dipping?

    I know that QLDC are very quick to say it won’t be accommodation providers paying for the visitor levy, and will be presented as an additional charge, but the consumer or visitor is only interested in the bottom line or cost to them, not how their money is distributed into our economy. Therefore, visitors will be price conscious when booking and in order to survive, a lot of accommodation providers will end up in a price war (as commonly happens with supply and demand), and it is very likely this additional cost will either be wholly or partially absorbed by the provider in order to keep their occupancy up.

    I don’t disagree with visitors helping to fund the infrastructure they expect to see here and use, and I see the visitor levy as one revenue channel that can be utilized for this purpose. I don’t agree with having to pay this twice. Some clarification from QLDC is required on their reasoning behind charging twice through accommodation for visitors input into infrastructure, when a lot of other tourist services and experiences will go untargeted.

    Concerned Existing Infrastructure Contributor

    Posted 07/05/2019 11:48am (1 year ago)

  • Daniel

    Nice theory but you are missing a very vital point. People want to fly to Queenstown - not Wanaka and not Central Otago. If you wanted to book a flight to Wellington would you prefer if Wellington airport was moved to Palmerston North or if you wanted to go to Auckland would you be happy to have their airport in Hamilton? People don't want to land one or two hours drive from their intended destination.

    Posted 07/05/2019 3:38pm (1 year ago)

  • Jane Walker

    well mr greeny are you of immigrant stock English maybe

    Posted 12/05/2019 7:41am (1 year ago)