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Visitory Levy

May 6 2019

While I am an airbnb host and a supporter of the proposed bed tax. I worry about the 5-10% proposed. I find guests to be very price sensitive and that will add a lot to the price. Other similar resorts have been mentioned so I checked. Whistler has a hotel tax of 2% and Aspen has a lodging tax of 2% . I looked at European cities with a similar tax and the most common amount quoted at the upper end is 2 Euros per person per night up to ten nights.

AirBnB Host.



The vocal minority on this levy seem to be the owner/manager of some managed apartments on Frankton Rd and a budget motel/backpacker owner from Wanaka. They claim to have 138 members in their anti-levy group but at a meeting a few weeks back only managed to have 30 people show up. That’s 30 people out of 27,000 residents which shows the level of support the anti-brigade has - 0.0011%. They don’t seem to realise that tourists need to start paying their own way around here. And a reminder that it will be the tourists paying, not the hotels/motels and Air BnB owners.

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Doesn’t seem fair to be taxing some people 25% and other people 2% of their nightly stay. Backpackers built this town. Businesses depend on them. The money they spend ends up in a variety of different people’s pockets. There’s an argument that this represents more sustainable tourism than allowing the more well off (and less price sensitive travelers) an easier ride. Seems stupid to encourage travelers who will end up in the Hilton or holiday inn or other multi national companies where the profits don’t even stay in the country let alone the district.

I’m bringing BackpackersBack...




Get on with it Jim. We don’t need to waste more rate payers money on a referendum!

Fire the Ref.




Over what period are there 34 international tourists per 1 rate payer? Is that over a year? 10 years? I initially thought it was per day but that would mean there are over 800,000 international tourists here daily!

Math Tax Equation or Suduko Hard.

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