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Train Your Dog!

April 1 2019

To all the irresponsible dog owners out there that think its okay to let your dogs rush around out of control and rush up to other people, its NOT!! As a dog owner we all get tarred with the same brush when people show no control over their dogs. I have put a lot of time and effort into training my dogs. They are under control 100% of the time.

You will see me call my dog and put it on a lead when other dogs are around and yet you still let your dogs rush up. When I ask you to take control of your dog you make no effort or worse give me the finger. I don’t understand why owners don’t teach their dogs from a young age. How hard is it to put some time and effort into training your dog? I have no hesitation in whacking your dog or worse if its rushing up to mine when its on a lead. I have spoken to many other dog owners who feel the same way. BTW it’s the law.

Dog Owner

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