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Town clashing with country

August 5 2019

I’m sick of the problem always being with the farmer. We get pushed round by the public who don’t have a clue about our industry. They’ll happily take our produce but complain about our methods. Control your effluent waste AND your energy consumption. Where’s your animal welfare! Pesticides! You’re killing the bees! You drive a diesel double cab ute right? We’re gonna have to tax you for that. Not green enough.
The newest thing to complain about with farmers is burn offs. Narrow-minded Queenstown residents forget that there’s about 20 operational stations around the basin. At this time of year, when the ground is damp and the wind is still, it’s the safest time to do controlled burn offs of vegetation.
According to ORC website, in our area (Arrowtown is their monitoring point) controlled burn offs actually account for 7% of the overall average of the concentration of PM10 pollutants in our air. Household fires on the other hand accumulate for 92%!!!
SO before you start wagging your finger at us farmers have a good hard look at your daily routine and the folks in your neighbourhood because woodfires are the biggest problem NOT burn offs.

Regulate THAT!

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