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Top 5 moans about a Kiwi Christmas

December 16 2019

Long time reader first time writer, the basis of my whinge comes from those whom have come to make NZ their temporary or permanent home. I’m born and bred in Aotearoa and have never experienced a xmas other than what I know. Hot, warm, sunny, long evening Xmas’s, on the beach, backyard cricket, touch rugby, sunburn, rosé, suntan, that’s all I know and I love it. As of late, the amount of moaning and groaning from anyone north of the equator is nothing more than negativity. Why is it not Xmas? or why it’s different or not right? Top 5 moans I hear on a daily basis more than once a day both at work and also from friends are:

1. Its to hot to be Xmas this isn’t right.
Answer: It’s absolutely right in NZ, also once the big day is over I’m sure you enjoy the long evenings and warmish weather for the other 59 days.

2. Kiwis don’t get into the Xmas spirit and don’t do Xmas very well.
Answer: Not sure what ‘well’ is but I have tons of fun opening presents with my son and enjoy the over indulging.

3. It just doesn’t feel like Xmas here.
Answer: Well you can always go to a place that feels like Xmas. Ps. It’s only 1 day out of 365.

4. You cant even see the xmas lights at night cause it doesn’t get dark till late.
Answer: OMG.

5. You need to go to the UK/USA/Canada etc... and experience a Christmas there. Then you’ll see what areal xmas is.

Answer: People travel to experience new things, not the same things, so before throwing out shades of negativity, think of those that believe that Santa Clause rode in on a surf board instead of a sleigh, I know it’s not the all out full banged up Xmas a lot of people are used to, but this is Aotearoa and it’s how we do it!

So, crank out the rakuraku (guitar), sing a few waiata (Te Iwi E) and embrace our differences which is what makes NZ so special.

Mauri Ora Whanau.

Kiwi Christmas is the best.

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