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This one’s for my Planners

July 15 2019

I write this in the faint hope that a City planner, or an Architect, may read this. I presume that most developers begin by presenting their proposal to an Architect who designs the project around current council planning rules. The Planner reviews this and inevitably they approve some variant of the same.
The subject here specifically is carparking.
We can assume the rules state that the Developer needs “X” number-of-carparks for their development to succeed, there no rule that says that a carpark should also be of sensible dimensions?
In this country most cars qualify as mid sized or full sized cars and the darned carparks are so tight that if one tries to park a full sized SUV or work ute,

or perhaps if the individual is... er... larger...
they just can’t fit without banging the doors into the car parked alongside. Thus the reverse is also true. The panel beaters are the clear winners here but why-oh-why don’t the planners have the courage to influence good design?
A few less carparks but of sensible size would be vastly superior. We see other projects done with no carparks at all. Go figure? As residents we have to live with the legacy of poor decision making by planners for much of our lives. You Planners can make positive differences to us all by using your influence toward good (and eye pleasing) design... if you dare.
It’s in all of our interests that you do.

Lacking design inspo

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  • Your Name Here

    Mate they don’t have qualified people to get the roads done right, a bridge done in time, a house done up to current code... heck there are barely amigou car parking and you expect it to be ‘sensible’..?
    You’re in the wrong town...

    Posted 17/07/2019 6:01pm (5 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    Enough* car parkings...

    Posted 17/07/2019 6:03pm (5 months ago)