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Thank god for the ski resorts

June 29 2020

It was awesome to see so many up at Coronet to kick off the ski season on Friday. Now that the TransTasman bubble is unlikely to get here until sometime next year we would seriously be in the shit right now if it weren’t for NZ Ski and Wayfare getting behind Coronet Peak and Cardrona. Whoever got the Prime Minister down to kick it off was great exposure for the area. Well done.

Having the mountains open has given us all something to look forward to and there were so many happy faces around the place over the weekend. There were heaps on the mountain Friday and Saturday and with school holidays coming up next week we should see plenty of people around for a few weeks to come. NZ Ski and Wayfare please keep it up throughout the season, we need the exposure to make the most of the snow season domestically.

It seems that the TransTasman bubble is no longer happening anytime soon and that’s going to be tragic longer term for many businesses, I suspect. I can’t tell whether it’s because our cases are rising again at the border and the inability to manage the quarantine and isolation properly, or whether what’s going on in Melbourne is giving the powers that make those decisions the screaming wobbles – surely we could open up to some states and not Victoria? Whatever the reason it’s going to have a huge negative impact on local business meantime let’s make the most of the ski season.

Simon Cox