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Tea’d off

July 29 2019

1st world issues. How hard is it to get a decent cup of tea in this town.... very hard it seems. The amount of times I’ve asked for a cup of tea and get a cappuccino. Why is it we have umpteen choices if coffee but if you like a good old kiwi cuppa you get English breakfast as the only choice.

You inquire of more common brands and you get a nose turn.
Why cant COFFEE shops stock a $ of common tea brands and can someone teach their staff how tea bags need to brew before adding milk.

Gumboot etiquette

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  • Your Name Here

    Accent obviously.
    Cup of tea=cappuccino if you talk too fast in kiwi accent in a noisy environment plus chances are the only person to take minimum wage to do such terribly ungrateful job is probably a migrant so...
    Yeah pronounce your request properly - in queen’s English not kiwi - and make sure the other person understood it’s a cup. Of. Tea. You want.
    Easy ;)

    Posted 30/07/2019 6:59am (4 months ago)

  • LaLa Local

    Its very easy to get tea. Its not hard to order tea, perhaps you have a pommie accent or simply have bad luck. T2 is a great place for tea. Cheers!

    Posted 01/08/2019 11:15pm (4 months ago)