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Tailgaters - Shotover Country to Glenda Drive

November 12 2018

Dropping a staff member home in Shotover Country after finishing a night shift at 5am, I was coming down towards the bridge where road safety cones are in place all the way to the Glenda Drive turn off.

Where it shows 30km signage, a car comes right up the arse of me in wet weather. Then they tried to push me up to 80k, this has happened four days in a row.

Can someone actually confirm that the 30k limit is correct or are the signs there as a joke, because I’m amazed there hasn’t been a major accident.

Concerned Local

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    Do what I do. The closer they get to my rear bumper, the slower I go. Then when they get really close I pump my brakes. They get the idea after a while.

    Posted 16/11/2018 4:25pm (8 months ago)