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Swap Guy Fawkes for Matariki!

November 4 2019

If we’re going to have one night a year where the skies are lit up with the noise and colour of fireworks and the local fire crews have heart palpitations over the number of backyard fires and pyrotechnic celebrations – why Bonfire Night? Guy Fawkes, or Bonfire Night, is a British celebration – once compulsory, it celebrates the torture and burning to death of Guy Fawkes, a terrorist who tried to blow up the houses of parliament. While there’s historical importance and a sense of tradition in Britain, it seems ‘off’ that we celebrate this with more gusto than Matariki.

Matariki is in winter – so the skies are darker earlier, which suits a firework display much better than the long and warm spring evening of 5th November. Matariki has far more cultural importance than an event that happened 11,400 miles away, 400 years ago. Matariki is also a much more positive celebration at heart and something unique to Aoetroa. Sure, we could celebrate both, but Matariki should take precedence in our annual calendar.

Make sense.

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    I agree.

    Posted 04/11/2019 11:06pm (7 months ago)

  • BULA

    I thought the Chinese invented fireworks?

    Posted 05/11/2019 2:36pm (7 months ago)


    Here is an idea.....lets not terrorize all the pets and animals in Queenstown with fireworks at all....if they want to let off fireworks, it should be done out on the Shotover delta, down past the sewage ponds, where it doesnt annoy anyone, and they shouldnt start the fireworks until the airport is closed to air traffic for the neighbours dog gets really upset by the fireworks, and will bark for at least another month at every noise it hears at is not fair to pets, and it is animal cruelty .......

    Posted 05/11/2019 6:23pm (7 months ago)