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Stop Wasting Ratepayer Funds!

April 15 2019

Rather than waste Ratepayer funds on a non-binding referendum on a bed tax, why not have a binding one, on if the ratepayers want to or not follow the Mayors and councilors growth at all costs solution to the many malays that Queenstown residents currently face. This is mainly due to the incompetence of successive councils including this one, they simply will not face the fact, that you first provide for infrastructure before development. Yet they continue, despite their weak kneed protestations to the contrary while continuing to push for development of their new council building the intensive development of the Lake-view and High School sites, approve multiple CBD Hotel and Apartment developments with inadequate on site parking. This uninhibited growth will put further strain on the CBD roading networks and overall infrastructure, which will further exasperate the problems we face rather than solve them.

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