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Stop Car rentals grazing and give them a home

March 9 2020

I travel around the world and have seen over 100 plus airports. Most major airports (with high growth) have separated all their rental car companies in a separate building and made it very efficient. I see most car rental companies are storing/parking their excess inventory across from the high school. How about if we put a rental car building with about 15 car companies in this building and free up all the parking around the airport will allow you to expand public parking and stop traffic problems around the airport. Run a shuttle bus from the airport to rental car building and off load the traffic to the back road instead of in front of the airport. If you don’t believe me look at the world’s busiest airport like Atlanta and Dallas and others. Also to free up air traffic except for emergency helicopters make all the non commercial traffic to go to like private planes and helicopters to Wanaka or Cromwell thus freeing up more room for commercial flights and passengers. Come on guys look at fast growing airports and learn from them before it’s too late to fix the problem. If you can afford the private limo from these airports to Queenstown. The building for the rental car companies and the shuttle cost can be shared by rental car companies.

Mooooo, moo. Beep, beep.

  • Matthew Cowell

    This is a fantastic idea!

    Posted 11/03/2020 8:46am (2 years ago)