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Sour Towards Scooters

June 17 2019

They are coming this winter.
Can someone start a petition to stop it. No value for locals, they simply want to use the town for free advertising due to all the tourists. They have nowhere to go.

Can’t go up hills or on the tracks. Gonna be a nightmare! Someone please start a petition and get some political will behind us. Council talks about a test license... that is not legal they need a Resource Consent!
Petition the LIME

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    Good they need a resource consent for such a commercial venture????

    Posted 17/06/2019 7:27pm (4 months ago)

  • Stop and Think

    Perhaps the QLDC can use the scooters to drive up and down outside Fregs and clear the footpath so that we can walk through?

    Posted 18/06/2019 10:43am (4 months ago)