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Solution for neighbours at Bnb at War

February 3 2020

1. Find out where the owners of the property live.
2 Buy an older car, which is registered. Install a very loud and annoying car alarm in the car, that can be activated by dialing a number on your phone.
3. Park the car legally outside the owners property.
4. When there is a late night/all night party on, dial the alarm number approx every 25 minutes, let it activate for approx 15 seconds each time, before shutting the alarm off. Continue until the party/noise stops.
5. This will upset the owners, and all the owners neighbours.
The owner will no doubt make inquiries re the ownership of the car, and will make contact with you.
Be firm, and tell him that you are doing everything legal, and it will continue each and every time that you are woken/ upset by the noise emitting from his rental property..

He will break before you do, problem solved.

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