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Sharing House With A Lazy Bastard

March 11 2019

We all know that rent in Queenstown is expensive and this is one of the reasons why most people share the house with flatmates. Here is when the problem starts. We may get to know some bad habits coming from people.

I know that this town is multicultural and each person is unique, but some basics about living with other people and sharing a house are expected. Do I need to say to grown man around 30 that he needs to stop peeing all around and on the toilet seat? Or that he needs to check after flushing if everything is really gone? Should I say that after cooking he needs to wash his dishes and wipe the kitchen counter? Do I need to explain that some vacuuming is also necessary? Bills like buying toilet paper and cleaning products are also expected someone to contribute. Do I need to remind him that he is not living with his parents anymore, and now he got responsibilities?

We all work hard all day long and like to rest whenever we get home, but people need to understand that your flatmate is not your personal housekeeper or baby sitter to clean up your shit! Being respectful with people you live is mandatory, please don’t be a lazy bastard.

Room Mate

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  • Lisa

    For God sake! What’s the problem with some people? It’ seems common sense is something really rare these days.

    Posted 11/03/2019 2:32pm (5 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    That’s the Queenstown standard I believe...
    Most people here- notably from UK - act like they’re in a hostel and the home owners are the ones supposed to clean up everything even when told home chores are to be shared.
    And believe me millennials are even worse slamming the doors late at night, pretending to do their chores but not really and so on...
    it’s revolting and yes it seems that common sense is so rare theses days it should be called rare sense...

    Posted 12/03/2019 12:22pm (5 months ago)

  • Stefani

    Common sense? This kinda people don't know the meaning of that! And the funny thing is that they pretend to do things when other people are around!!! Dishes get cleaned and trash is put outside when guests are home... oh come on, do me a favor and grow up - and clean after yourself!

    Posted 12/03/2019 1:25pm (5 months ago)


    Yes, and some poor woman will end up marrying the lazy pommie oaf, and put up with his s*** for the rest of her miserable life.....

    Posted 12/03/2019 9:26pm (5 months ago)

  • John

    No at all. Just a woman with very low self-esteem would marry a lazy ass unable to clean up his own shit. If you need a nanny instead of a wife, you need to hire one and pay for that!

    Posted 13/03/2019 11:22am (5 months ago)

  • Lisa

    Some men should marry to their mothers, cause seems they look for a housemaid and not for a lifemate. It’s really annoying to know even nowadays some men think and act like a dinossaure and believe woman needs to serve them. Please guys, in which year are you? Middle Ages?

    Posted 13/03/2019 1:42pm (5 months ago)


    In reality, I blame the mothers....they mollycodle their children, picking up toys after them....tidying up after them...spoilling them with treats all the kids lives, and then when the boy goes out to the big wide world, he has no life let that be a lesson to you girls....

    Posted 13/03/2019 8:28pm (5 months ago)

  • Ally

    Isn't it easy to blame others for your lack of common sense? Life is wonderful when the problem is your mom, not you who can't clean or cook. Just stop, it's looking bad for you... Tip: YouTube can teach you many things, like how to boil an egg, try it instead of coming here and whining about your poor mommy.

    Posted 14/03/2019 7:34am (5 months ago)

  • Elizabeth

    I can totally relate to that: I share a house with a lazy bastard too... It's absurd how he won't do anything and actually, just makes things worse... (PS: I think Mr Greeny is offended by the text, but you know, if the shoe fits...)

    Posted 14/03/2019 7:47am (5 months ago)


    Just to let you know, Mr Greeny is an excellent cook...his house is immaculate, and he is a fanatic on cleanliness and keeping things tidy....he has been ironing his own shirts since he was 12 years dont start thinking he is a mollycodled slob....

    Posted 14/03/2019 8:04am (5 months ago)

  • Elizabeth

    Oh wow someone brings this man an award for doing absolutely nothing more than what he's supposed to do!

    Posted 14/03/2019 8:47am (5 months ago)


    Elizabeth.....I have to tell you that the most useless and untidy person I ever flatted with was a South African woman...she didnt know how to cook, clean, make a bed or vacume the house....turned out that when she was a kid in South Africa, they had servants doing all their house hold chores. As a result, she had not a clue on how to clean or do anything....whats more, she couldnt adjust to not having servants, so she did nothing....the point is, it is not only men....there are some lazy women out there as well....

    Posted 14/03/2019 1:36pm (5 months ago)

  • Blah Blah Blah

    Not often I side with Mr Greeny but here is the time.
    I am surprised there are not more men on here defending themselves but maybe they are too busy doing there household chores.
    Without doubt the worst flatting situation I have been in was with 3 girls. They never cleaned anything, left their dirty dishes all over the living room, I am pretty sure they didn't know where the bin was or that we even owned a vacuum cleaner. They were 2 kiwi girls and an Aussie so i guess it shows that being a dirty slob isn't exclusively for English lads as suggested.

    Posted 14/03/2019 9:47pm (5 months ago)

  • Jara

    I haven’t seen on the post a gender for the lazy bastard or even a nationality. People on the comments are referring to their experiences. Nobody said it’s the mommy’s fought, or girls for been untidy or men for been spoiled. However, it’s much easier to point fingers to someone else rather then doing your part. We want people change and a better place to live, but we still wait for the others, instead of looking after ourselves first.

    Posted 15/03/2019 2:41am (5 months ago)