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Road Safety

November 5 2018

Just yesterday another person died on our roads from just a simple decision to overtake at the wrong time (tbc from the news reports). Today, not a day later, in my 10 minute drive from Frankton to Queenstown I witnessed a car blow through a red light at 70km (thank god the pedestrian had finished crossing), 2 cars cross to the wrong side of the road just to skip a 2 car queue to turn off and 2 cars drive in the cycling lane, again just to avoid a queue of about 5 cars... and none of these cars had the typical rental car number plate holders.

We point the finger at tourists and the unimaginable bad driving often (including me), but we also need to realise that our frustration at tourists and our congested road systems are just leading to more and more risk taking and risk by those that live here in our community.

It a self-fulfilling negative cycle of “if you can’t beat them, join them” and I am sad that it is becoming our community culture in terms of what is acceptable on our roads.

Is it worth asking ourselves if our friends, families and people we care about on the roads deserve better? If so we have to lead the way, all of us, by doing the right thing, all the time. It won’t happen without us.

Local Driver

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  • Brian McMillan

    Where art thou, Art?

    Travel the world and see street sculptures in most cities.

    Many are very impressive.
    Reflections of both the artist and the subject.

    At a glance, Queenstown appears to be lacking in both.
    We have almost none to speak of. Downtown art that is.

    A painted zebra crossing is funny, but lets not confuse this with a sculpture that reflects a time, an event or a being.
    An outsized concrete kiwi simply doesn’t cut it.

    Im sure its not a lack of talent that is the problem.
    Equally we have a plethora of subject material; Gold panners, a bronze flyfisherman; it doesn’t have to be of anybody specific.
    Is it the council can’t be bothered? Or does it not fit with the district plan..or is it the challenges of obtaining a resource consent ?
    But a complete absence is the current reality.
    Is it Funding perhaps?..then try some crowdsourcing.
    Try something...but make something happen.

    Roosevelt said “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing at all”

    Posted 06/11/2018 12:28pm (6 months ago)


    What are you on about Brian....we have got the state of the "Holy Boat" opposite the Crown Plaza hotel....that cost us ratepayers $350,000.....what a magnificent statue that is....I dont know how we got it so cheaply....some people think that that money would have been better spent on a real search and rescue boat, but thats beside the point...also you have the great painting of a trout swimming through rubbish, which is painted on a wall near Eriks fish and chip shop....we are soon to get a statue of a dog in the Queenstown Gardens, at a cost of $83,000.....the list goes on.....anyway, whats that got to do with Road Safety, which is what this page is about?????

    Posted 07/11/2018 1:56pm (6 months ago)