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Response To Last Weeks’ Whinge ‘Safety First’

January 21 2019

I am the Race Director for the Lake Hayes Triathlon which has been organizsed on the same date each year for the last 35 years.

I totally agree with you with regards to the large volume of traffic on the roads at this time of year hence why we contract a professional traffic management company to oversee the safety of all participants and other road users during the event. We also have marshals and signage around the course assisting the traffic management company monitoring the event. It is not so simple to close roads as per your suggestion whilst at the same time there is no need to as all cyclists are not crossing any road - simply taking left marked turns and following normal road rules as all other users do.

At the same time, as I’m sure you are fully aware, traffic volumes have increased dramatically over the year’s, however it’s not just this time of year the roads are busy - it’s all year round! The Lake Hayes Triathlon is a lot smaller event than others in the area and only on for a small duration of time in comparison to other events that attract thousands of participants and spectators and there is more likelyhood of a someone being shocked or injured walking across a Zebra Crossing in town texting on their phone and someone behind the wheel not acknowledging that they need to Stop to allow walkers to cross!

We have never had an incident during the event and hopefully never will, however I do appreciate your comments and concerns and it’s great that you are supportive of events in the area.
Please feel free to contact me directly through the event website

Adrian Bailey

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