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Reply to Emotional Haircut

June 24 2019

Menopause Bob on Pause - Do not feel alone! I have experienced the same issue time and time again over the past five years. Salons are quick to take your money but can not cut hair for the older generation. I asked them to cut my long hair into a long fringe, short back so I can tuck my hair neatly behind my ears for gym. I have had this style before (refer to Robin Wright in House of Cards). I left the salon with a short fringe, short back and sides!! I am not a man moron.
And they wonder why I have not gone back!

I am 55, not 70 so stop giving me a haircut that makes me look older? Who does that? The worst is the salon blames the previous salon..but can’t do no better. I have been to three salons in 6 months..! All useless. If I wanted a mans hair cut I would go to a barber. Do what you are supposedly trained to do..cut hair as per the person hair type and as per our request. Believe it or not we know what we want..and know what suits us..a mans haircut does not work for me! Sooooo Over Bad Hair Salons


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