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Replies to No 1 Bus issues

July 29 2019

I’d like to add, why does the no. 2 bus from Arrowtown to Arthurs Point not go both ways. It would make so much sense to have two buses traveling in opposing directions. I would absolutely take the bus to work in Queenstown, from Arrowtown, but as it goes through Frankton it takes such a long time I would either have to get to work an hour before necessary or be rather late, so I drive. If the bus went through Arthurs point, no traffic, no problem, and I can’t be the only one that thinks so.

No 2 Bus issues


I’m sure the people in the house next to the bus stop at the top of Fernhill Rd who were in a Scene story a year or two ago would love this idea too. Those poor people have buses idling their engines outside their bedroom windows 18 hours a day, 364 days a year. A bylaw states buses cant idle engines longer than 5 minutes at a time but the bus drivers say they need to keep the engines going so the buses stay warm. As soon as one bus leave there is another one in the queue right behind them too so effectively the engine noise is constant. If the buses just carried on to Sunshine Bay on every trip they wouldn’t need to do a U-turn at the top of Fernhill Rd and wait outside someones house.

Idling on anger

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