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Recycling Rules... not for all

August 5 2019

I know we are all settling into this new bin system thing but why isn’t everyone having to play the same game? There’s teething issues and then there’s just issues. Its a month in already and I’m spending what seems like hours training my family and my staff to put glass separate to the rest of our recycling and then I see the recycling trucks in town emptying the public and old commercial recycling bins there and they are all still mixed with glass. Why is there not new bins out in town for glass only?

Surely this defeats the whole purpose of us commoners trying to keep our glass recycling clean and uncontaminated? Ps: When is QLDC going to tidy up our town and remove all the unwanted old recycling bins that are overflowing into the streets? Frankton Road is a wheelie bin embarrassment at the moment and it’s the gateway to our beautiful town for all our International visitors arriving! Come on everyone let’s tidy up our act.

Tired Kiwis

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    I’ve been saying this for years!
    The amount of rubbish companies dump in the refuse centre - most of the time recyclables dumped as regular rubbish so they won’t have to pay extra - is huge! Hundreds of tons every week!!
    Add to that the construction rubbish since this recent ‘boom’ in the construction industry - some of that rubbish is actually dangerous to the environment and the people working at the refuse centre!
    And what does the council do?
    Throw away perfectly good bins the could be otherwise recycled or preferably reused as only the yellow one is different. All at tax payers expense...

    Meanwhile hotel moguls say everyone is as rich as they are and they deserve to get richer so it should be up to us to foot the infrasctructure bill:

    Posted 07/08/2019 7:10am (4 months ago)


    About 10 years ago Penn and Teller had a series of Docos about recycling.....they went right into it, and basicly they came to the deduction that recycling is a load of Bullshit......the only products that are worth recycling are scrap metal, alluminium , cardboard and newspaper.....once a company or council got tied up with recycling plastics they started haemoraging money......exactly what happens here...

    Posted 07/08/2019 9:05pm (4 months ago)