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Recycling changes feedback

May 13 2019

So the only real difference (to the new bins)would be the RFID chip? And how many bins are actually being lost to warrant that? There has got to be a number it can’t just be a guess right? Plus how hard would it be to label or even spray paint the existing bins? To me that’s a rubbish excuse and a gigantic waste of existing resources. Coming from something called Wastebusters and Waste Management makes it even worse! So what I want to know is: how can a private citizen raise a public investigation to disclose who was involved in this as well as the financials of the whole deal? I ask because based on the evidence shown so far I’m 100% confident there were some shady deal going under the table to line politicians’ pockets with public money and I’m sure that can be proven with a investigation. (Edited)

Mafia Waste Management.


‘You say [old bins can be] “dropped off at the Frankton transfer station to be recycled.” Can you clarify please how and where they will be recycled?’




Council’s response:

We’re still working through the final details of how and where the bins will be recycled. We’ll share more on this in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have questions about how the new service will work, head to or phone 441 0499.

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    I have a few issues with recycling .
    1. Why did you change the colours. People who are used to blue being recycling now will have to change their thinking. I guarantee you people will use blue as recycling.
    2. How much more is it going to cost to have 3 bins picked up vs 2 bins? Plus the cost of 3rd bin?
    Would have been cheaper to have sorting fro glass from recycling? Since some people are going to put uncleaned glass or lids w/ glass jars etc. So you still have to clean and sort them. Also cost of patrol and pollution to pick up 3 vs 2 bins? Are we trying to save the environment?
    3. I shared my red bins with my neighbour and I never paid for the trash since blue bin is free and never had to use blue bags. Did you think about families sharing trash bins since some houses have 2-3 people living and don't generate enough trash for a whole bin.. This would have saved more money and energy (or too much thinking for you guys?)
    Just an example in Los Angeles when they expanded their recycling program they needed more trucks and created more pollution than they saved in trash..
    Just like no parking they wont drive or don't build and they wont come brilliant...just f....g brilliant.

    Posted 13/05/2019 9:09pm (10 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    So... another non-response from the council why am I not surprised...
    And what about disclosing the terms of this arrangement and investigate the whole thing?

    Posted 15/05/2019 12:49pm (10 months ago)