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RE: Spring smoke blooms

November 4 2019

Your comments and confusion are duly noted. Once where you presumably live now (rent or own) was farmland. It was cleared for your home. It’s called progress but another term is NIMBY. In the case of the farm you cagily referred location to, you are correct in that they waited no time in burning hence the stench and general discomfort to the development across the road, one might describe as an entitled residences zone. Your comments in the second paragraph are stated as if you had a conversation with the culprits (questions and answers) or are you assuming what their replies would be? Your concern for residence and tourist of the Wakatipu and their impressions of the region are commendable. I shall be able to identify you by seeing you picking up strewn trash along the highway from Jacks Point to Kawarau Bridge daily keeping those under the illusion that NZ is Clean and Green.

Respectfully yours, neither a farmer nor a developer.

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