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RE: No parking vs no standing

October 21 2019

Check the Land Transport Act for legal definitions of parking and standing. Also check the Traffic Control Devices Act/Regulations 2004. That has all sorts of legal requirements for parking signs and if you look carefully enough you can generally find something to get off a parking ticket. For years the QLDC run airport had incorrect parking signs - the colour, wording and size were not legally correct - and I know many people (myself included) who got off airport parking tickets by pointing that out. The Airport have now changed to legally correct signs but if you got a ticket at the airport before 2016/2017 it was probably legally deficient. I also had a ticket in Shotover St for “inconsiderate parking” a year or so ago because I stayed longer than the 15 minute limit. The fine for that was $60 instead of the $12 parking ticket I should have got for staying 5 minutes over time. When I questioned the council on why the offence was “Inconsiderate parking” they informed me it was inconsiderate because someone else may have wanted to park there. I told them that was not a correct interpretation of inconsiderate parking and said I would defend it in court. As soon as I said I wanted to go to court they waived the ticket. I’m sure plenty of other people have paid similar inconsiderate parking tickets - although clearly there was no need to.

No need for expensive lawyers.

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