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RE: Neighbours at bnb war

February 10 2020

We feel your frustration. We are constantly dealing with noise late into the night from “guests” as we are surrounded by over 30 pop up motels in our neighbourhood! 95% of these holiday home owners don’t live in our town and are not interested in dealing with any problems arising from their guests (we’ve tried) adding weight to the argument they’re in it for the huge money they’re making. And just to finish on, over half of these holiday homes have not registered with QLDC to run as a short term rental accommodation and have no intentions to do so as they don’t wish to pay the extra that would be added to their rates. About time all these holiday homes got looked into properly by the local authorities. Hotels and motels can’t operate without regulations, why are holiday homes with no compliance allowed?

We stand united.


As an Air B&Bs Super Host I think there is a simpler better solution. Airbnb does not want to be known for parties and last year offered three different types of party monitors to hosts (free to super hosts) to install in their property so that hosts can monitor their properties at a distance. I would ask these hosts to install one ASAP as surely they want to protect their property from party damage. I presume these hosts are registered with the QLDC? I have an on site Air B&Bs and live beside three others. They have all been in existence for several years. I have never experienced this party issue (only ocasional oos and ahs when guests come onto the balcony of the house above). All my neighbouring Air B&Bs and I provide onsite parking as is required when we register with the QLDC and no parties and no parking problems have occur around me.

Lucky you.


Check on the QLDC website to see if they are being charged for extra rates that they should be paying. If not notify the council they will react eventually. Keep calling noise control. The council will take action if they get called regularly. Write to the owner they have the power to give their tenants bad reviews. If there is an agent keep telling the agents. Write to Air B&B every time it happens. Will they be paying the extra tax they should pay for running a business? Keep lobbying the council to put some caps on Air B&B as they have in other cities around the world. Start building something at 7am in the mornings!

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