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RE: Measles making a comeback.

September 16 2019

Congratulations Measle making a comeback. Great piece!!

It’s incredible that in the middle of 2019, measles which had almost disappeared has come back with a vengeance with almost 1000 cases reported throughout the country. I’m all for citizens individual rights but when it comes to common sense things like protecting the community as a whole, individuals rights don’t replace an individual’s responsibility. Those who cant be bothered or can’t get their head around the science of getting vaccinated or for some other reason don’t get their child vaccinated are a dangerous risk to everyone.

They are the weak link and if common sense, undeniable research and free access to vaccines cant generate action then the rights to education, sport etc should be suspended until they get with the program. No one has the right refuse to take a vaccine when the impact can affect us all. The governments lets all be nice and hope for the best attitude will take too long and enable a medical crisis to unfold. It works in the neighbour’s across the pond where non vaccinated kids cant access public resources, it time to do the same here.

No right to refuse.

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  • Ho Hum

    Perhaps those at NZ Ski might take the time to read your comments.

    Posted 23/09/2019 5:09pm (5 months ago)