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RE: Marine Parade is it still a road?

March 2 2020

I have cycled or walked this road most days ever since the paving job was done, and have never noticed any shared space signs. Either they are not obvious, or I am blind (along, I am sure, with many other people). Better bet would be to reduce the speed limit to 20kph, and do this across the CBD.

Spray stencil car and person icons all the way along the paving, especially at the arch of remembrance side, but just outlines. Then have a group, maybe high school paint all of them different colours and designs. As long as they were within the stencil lines. Then it’d get the message across and also add to the vibrance of the place. Signs with words don’t work, to many nationalities. Images are better.


Pavement doodles.


    Yes, we must encourage the younger generation to scribble over streets and walls with brightly coloured they do in New York on the trains....exactly what this town needs....great idea that used to be called its "art"....thats progress for ya.....

    Posted 02/03/2020 9:53pm (2 years ago)