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Queenstown’s Best – I Can’t Come To Work Today Excuse.

January 28 2019

Hey Boss,

My so called mates thought giving me acid was a good idea. Been sweating all night. Couldn’t get to sleep and woke up having sh*t the bed.

I’m sorry about this but I can’t work today :(

Your #1 Employee



Ed - Employers - Whats the best excuse that you’ve received from an employee for not turning up for work. We’d love to know on

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  • Your Name Here

    Don’t know if it’s true but I was once told being drunk/hungover is a valid excuse to call in sick for work.
    And when I questioned thinking it was a joke the manager said that’s a ‘universal law’. Of course she’s English...

    Posted 29/01/2019 9:05am (6 months ago)