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Queenstown Centre

February 25 2019

When will QLDC realise how bad the CBD has become? This is the reason visitors come to Queenstown, not to look at shopping centres with the same shops as everywhere else in New Zealand but to see the once quaint town centre with set on the beautiful lake, with fantastic coffees chops and restaurants.

Yes, great they have some fancy artist impressions on the website but nothing being done to implement this. Add the ridiculous parking situation which adds to the grid lock of the traffic. Why would people come back?

Myself like many long term locals sit watching all the attention out at Frankton whilst the gem sits rotting due to lack of care by the council? Why have they still got their 4 offices with some 400 people still based in CBD taking up valuable parking and adding to the already congested roads? Get them out and tidy up our town !


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    Yes, and I saw an e-coli lying on the footpath in front of the QUEENSTOWN movement but it appeared to be begging for money....about time some one cleaned that up as well....what a disgrace for our town......

    Posted 25/02/2019 5:50pm (12 months ago)

  • Point and Post

    Psycho Its actualy an carefully considered art installation that reflects the locals view of the CBD and those who are supposed to manage it.

    Posted 27/02/2019 8:13am (12 months ago)