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QT I-Site Love

December 10 2018

I have been to a lot of the various I Sites around New Zealand, they are wonderful sources of info and all of the staff are just so amazing and helpful.

I just wish the Queenstown I Site was as much of a destination as others are in other places in NZ. Don’t get me wrong, the staff are amazing I just think the premises is a bit outdated and could be more of a statement.

I would welcome a new and improved I-Site over anymore cheap backpacker booking offices any day. And I think the amazing staff in the I-Site deserve a work place they can be proud of and reflects the amazing job they do here in Queenstown.

Longtime Local

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    And they don't block the footpath with chalkboard boards full of misleading information and spelling errors. THE I Sites have people that genuinely know and have experinced what they are suggesting, rather than a bunch of touts who are such recent arrivals their backpacks are under the front desk of the pop up shops that litter the CBD.

    Posted 12/12/2018 12:51pm (6 months ago)