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QLDC Tennis Facilities

February 18 2019

With the old high school getting destroyed I thought I would check out the facilities out in Frankton. It has come to my attention however that it costs $20 an hour (!) to hire an outdoor tennis court at the events centre.

Let’s face it, noone plays there, ever, quite understandably. They’re not exactly state-of-the-art facilities, nor do they come with ballboys, an umpire or free bananas.

Perhaps if the council was to kindly reconsider the pricing, they could turn an annual revenue upwards of $0 on those tennis courts.

Based on the reasoning that something is better than nothing, especially when it comes to money, please think again.

Novak NotSoRich


Response From QLDC

Thanks for the opportunity to respond. All of the Council’s sport and recreation facilities are available for casual use by the community as well as regular use by groups and clubs. Use does vary through the year in line with the traditional seasons for different sports. For example, the outdoor courts at Queenstown Events Centre (QEC) are available for netball and other sports as well as tennis.

The peak rate (weekends and 4.00-9.00pm weekdays) for these courts is $20/hour. Council also offers an off-peak rate outside of these hours at $16/hour.

QLDC is currently working on masterplans for both QEC and Wanaka Recreation Centre. These will consider the development of all current and potential sites over the next 20 years and look to future-proof the district’s sport and recreation facilities beyond this in line with predicted population growth.

Community engagement on these masterplans, and also a draft sport and recreation facilities strategy in conjunction with Central Otago District Council and Sport Otago, will launch in autumn so everyone can have their say.

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  • Free Me

    No worries ,I understand the QLDC is turning the tennis courts and ever other bit of flat ground it owns into Freedom camping camping or hubs as these ferals are apparently more important than sport loving or just ordinary ratepayers.

    Posted 19/02/2019 10:08am (1 year ago)