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Replies to Editorial ‘Facts not Fake News’

June 10 2019

Personally I am annoyed with the scaremongering that is going on with certain facebook groups about this levy. These groups obviously represent accommodation providers in the district. I dont accept their reasoning why we should all vote no. Classic threats are:
1. Tourists will stop coming here in high numbers
2. We will all lose our jobs because of point 1
3. The tourists will become freedom campers instead (that contradicts point 2)

I think we all understand we are in a unique position here in Queenstown where our volume of tourists, massively outnumber the ratepayers who currently fund the local infrastructure.
If central govt wont return the GST, then we have to find funding in an obvious way. This is why I support this levy.
Voting NO is a vote against my own interests. Its a no-brainer really.

Oppose the Qppose QLDC’s Visitor Levy FB Group

Hey Jim -
Do you not think its a little hypocritical that you say the council is comprised to provide the level of service required for the infrastructure, yet still champion the idea of a multi-million dollar “community heart” for the QLDC offices? - Where is that money coming from?

Why not ingest that into the required improvements in infrastructure?
Nearly every general rate payer in the area is aghast that you’re pushing for this new building while touting a visitor levy that punishes some of our local accommodation providers. I voted ‘NO”

A NO voter

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  • daniel

    Hey "No Voter" - these are two entirely unrelated matters. The bed tax idea will NOT punish local accommodation providers, it is the TOURISTS who will pay. Clearly at least 81% of voters understood this very simple concept in the referendum and didn't listen to the scare-mongering from a couple of local motel and managed apartment owner/managers.
    The new council offices however are something that most of us agree on. Why are we spending way more than we need to so they can build shiny new offices smack bang in the middle of town when building out in Frankton would be 1. Cheaper; 2 More convenient for people to access,.3 Could be on council OWNED land not leased land.
    QLDC staff just want to build a grand monument to their own greatness so they can be at the top of their town crossroads idea - dubbed "Project Connect". It should be re-named "Project spend twice as much as we need to". Gone are the days when towns need a city hall and grand council offices in the exact centre of town.

    Posted 11/06/2019 12:14pm (3 months ago)

  • daniel

    In relation to the council offices location comments above perhaps the LWB could make their next weekly public forum question "Should the new council offices be in the middle of town or Frankton."

    Posted 11/06/2019 12:22pm (3 months ago)

  • Hippo Critical

    Daniel - of course it does. Its an additional cost that must be passed on to the tourists, this changes the mindset of affordability. Meaning AirBnb's that look more attractive than hotels currently will look even better in comparison to tourists, putting hotels under threat.

    I voted no because zero research was conducted, there are more fairer ways of collecting a levy and i didnt listen to scare-mongering either.

    And before you bleat 'but but AirBnb said they would help get the monies" - They won't. It's lip service so they don't receive a ban which has been implemented in other tourist destinations. AirBnb hardly pay taxes as a gig cloud business.

    Posted 14/06/2019 2:40pm (3 months ago)

  • Stefanie

    Well the bed tax might not be paid by the accommodation provider but indirect it will be a little bit. It is more work for the receptionist, who does have to explain more as to why we suddenly collect that fee (most likely customers will question it if they have been here before), the automatic print of for the invoices has to be changed (ok just once but still someone has to do it ergo be paid for it) and of course those who do the account work. But at the end of the day it is not a new concept and does work in other cities too (I am originally from Berlin and it certainly did not stop the tourists from going there)...

    Posted 15/06/2019 4:45pm (3 months ago)