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Post Postal Problems

July 9 2019

I am in the process of renewing a work visa and have to send my Passport to the Department of Immigration. Off I went to post it off and find that the Queenstown Post Office has closed.

This apparently was a well known fact but somehow I seemed to have missed that bit of news. Anyway I was told that some of the Post Office services had been transferred to the nearby Night n Day store.

However while I am sure the staff of the Night n Day are reputable and honest, I am really not that comfortable leaving my most important document in a convenience store when my entire future rests on it getting to its destination. 

Anyway after some investigation it seems there are some services that are still available at the Post Office Box Lobby (behind the Pig & Whistle) as well as at the Night n Day.

I guess my whinge is that NZ Post have done a pretty poor job explaining what gets done where especially when so many people are still reliant on postal services in this town.

Unhappy Pat

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